About Kisi ❤

Hi and Welcome to my second life/life diary *hugs* I’m glad you are here!!! ❤

Hiiiiiii!!!! I am Kisi, a British millennial girl with a passion for fashion, make-up, shopping, exploring beautiful sims on my horse Britney and taking photos of anything or anyone beautiful I see. If it involves cats, Britney Spears, pink or just anything generally cute.. I’m for it! I am an adult but lead a generally PG life and sex with your avatar is definitely not any motivation for knowing you.

I joined second life in December 2019 after spending some years on the video chatroom platform camfrog (camfrog username: Serene/CaT-TaSTiC) I had become unwell and felt that I needed a more rounded chat experience that took me off camera while I had treatment… then covid19 arrived and this threw me further into my second life as a means for human connection (as it did for many) so here I now am sharing all my adventures in this wonderful virtual world… eeeeek!! My decision to start this blog in Feb 2021 is more a way for me to keep a diary but also share all the things in life/second life I find bring me joy and happiness and help me express myself. I don’t tend to talk about close personal matters or information unless we are close but me here reflects me real life and feel its always good to know someone’s motivations for socialising on second life. I am an introvert naturally and my circle is very small, I spend a lot of my time on my hobbies here like photography or decorating and casually drifting (in shops and events mainly lol) and chatting to random folk more so in a local chat setting. Won’t always get your jokes and if I go quiet I’m probably figuring something out and feeling awkward unless it went straight over my head. I have huge admiration for all the creators which is also what has driven me to create a showcase of everything I love and use within this journal.

Currently am half way through studying for a degree in accounting and finance, am a fierce #FreeBritney activist and love trashy drama tv shows (think 90 day fiance type TLC/WE TV shows) I spend most of my secondlife with my amazingly hilarious and lovely partner Sato who I have a rl relationship with and we are currently virtual parents to be due July 2021 (watch this space)… I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures the same way I will enjoy keeping this diary ❤ Be safe

Oh a sidenote ; I use a Legacy Body and a Lelutka Lilly Head. My Skin is from Mila it is called Sato (I know its my hubbys name, lol, i had the man before the skin. total coincidence)

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