Guess whos back.. Kisi’s back.. Yay..

OK so was def not intentional and don’t want to complain but since my vaccine 2nd dose i have had a migraine (i did worry was this blood clot thing as silly nurse said if headache carries on past 3 days call them, but I was checked and my neurological responses were 100% which is great seeing as I was baked as it was 8pm haha) but yes headache now 10 days on still if I don’t take painkiller which sucks but otherwise I have been busy… either college, helping my mum in garden as summer has arrived !! yippee… or sleeping. But now I do feel a lot better and finally get to see my consultant face to face tomorrow.. I am torn between wanting to look amazing as the excuse to get dressed to go anywhere is a novelty even if is the hospital but also needing him to know how much pain I am in, there is a fine balance I am sure where by I look too healthy for him to take it as serious. I think I wont with the fake tan.

SLwhile I have gained another sister!!! Her name is Mixie and I knew we were kindred spirits when I saw she already uses an ankle lock and she is just 2 months old. So have been hanging having fun when I have been able to look at laptop screen, in fact the reason headache may still present is a 6 hr dance club marathon we completed earlier today, from practically when I woke lol. I am sure there is loads I can talk about gosh… Oh Dr Katie appointment we are 32 weeks now and next appointment is the birthing plan. We are having a home birth, I can’t wait it will be so cute…. Also am finally planning wedding but I want to ask Sato if can wait till after baby cos the dresses I like just look silly now. Oh actually maybe that can be the plan for his b’day in early August??!! Hmmmm will have to discuss.. I have a baby shower soon, not doing a gender reveal cos why like yay its a boy… hmmm yay its a baby is better for me tbh. I am sure gender reveals are dying a real death nowadays, they didn’t last long really as my mum said when she was pregnant with me you couldn’t get a gender but you could just see, yep healthy baby. Ohh really need to take photos babies nursery and that…. added to list.. Anyway for anyone who reads I’m wish you a wonderful start to June *hugs*

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