Eid Mubarak… where’s the food!!… XD

So I did have an invite for Eid when it was to take place yesterday but as the moon was not sighted that didn’t happen and I had promised my mum I would help her with something today and as she always says I put others before her I decided the Muslim thing to do was keep my plan with my mum and help her. Well despite my mum knowing this, she didn’t wake till 11am and its now 4pm so I asked, ‘You still want me to help you?’ she replied ‘well I need to do *unintelligible muffle* before so maybe not today*’ so as you can imagine I am a bit pissed off now, I just told her… YOU ASKED ME??? how is this happening, I have thin patience and she is just for lack of a better word a twat. The spite in me wants to now put her off for as long as possible, the task in question emptying her fish tank she told me she was capable of managing when I did query her purchase of this as she is disabled. How in the holy fuck I am more responsible and thoughtful than my own mother.. its like as I approach the age I would be having my own children my mum turns into some teenager that is so weird could never belong to me, but I have to look after it. What did I do to deserve this especially as murderous thoughts are something I was trying to combat during Ramadan. Life is a test they say…. you ain’t kidding!!

Ok so today I visited this event called ‘Pregnant in SL’ if anyone hadn’t noticed I am currently virtually pregnant XD …. There is a raffle giveaway of Love Momma and the Aphrodite Love bodies will leave the taxi link below. So I was hoping I would find some clothes rigged for the legacy pregnancy body but I haven’t.. I would like to know why this doesn’t seem to be a thing when there is a legacy pregnancy body. I would love some clothes with creases and shadows that show off my bump without it having some fake belly shape built in. I mean nothing ruins the whole RP experience than having to make your belly flat for some clothes and have a shape that is not the actual shape the same as when you are naked. I would just like to know why!!… Taxi to Pregnant in SL Second Life Maps | Venom

I also entered a contest that doesn’t seem to have been well advertised as it is for Cosmopolitans 9th anniversary and I can only find one other entry on Flickr which is rather odd, it closes in 2 days so if you are reading this you have until the 15th….. Hope all is well wherever in the world you may be… Eid Mubarak xoxoxoxox

Ohhh also if there are typos, for some reason maybe season change my right hand middle and index finger are swollen at top joints.. and sore… pffttt who knows as my inflammatory factors are ok apparently at the moment the doc says *shrugs*

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