I sat my final and Kindred Spirits is on SL Destinations!!!! OMD!!

So ok what prompted me to write todays journal even though I would have got around to it… I was there casually browsing SL destinations… looking at recently added and editors picks and what do I see?? Our own flipping coffee lounge.. I am gassed haha!! Can’t wait to show Sato and Elise… I mean it isn’t a busy place but that wasn’t what we were trying to achieve. We just wanted to build a nice little coffee lounge community and whoever participates does.. so well anywayss super haps! Kindred Spirits Coffee Lounge | Second Life Hopefully more people will come along and enjoy the place and once I get my resit done in my physical life I can then look at getting a calendar with regular events etc XD This actually comes when I had thought to myself this morning after trying to look at my finances that I may not have from next month funded as I have so many other interests in second life I can spend my linden dollars on and I wasn’t making use of it enough and nothing had progressed. Funny the way the universe can work, I mean a lot not only financially was invested into the place so would have been a pity… Feels like that’s changed my perspective now. Ok if this is any indication of my attention span today, I just got distracted by people folding things up really small and neatly on tiktok for like 10 minutes by accident haha… I blame it on the codeine not in a recreational way obvs!! I have a bad tummy (yeah yeah whats new) today but you know extra codeine worthy bad.

Nothing much to say about my final exam… we get results in 6 weeks on 24th June and I really cannot guess how I have done, I am more unsure about this than any exam and its the longest result wait of them all… typically…

Anyhooooo off to have dinner before my date with my sistren Elise at 11am SLT its been far far too long… I will post the photo here XD

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